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Thursday, October 09, 2003 :::
two nations

We are supposed to be one nation under God, but it seems we are two nations in the same country.

We have the Conservatives, or more specifically the Right Wing, who have no problem calling for the
FINAL SOLUTION of the Liberal Problem in the US. Nobody calls them on it, but they
call those who tell them this, YOU ARE A LIBERAL AND A LIAR and you should not even be
in power.

Then we have the Liberals or moderates (they are liberals as well, by the definition of the RW).

Two nations, and the last time this country was this divided was 1858... which leads to the next

Will this be solved in a Civil War? The possibility is chilling but one not to be ignored. Civil wars
are not civil, as they divide families, friends and nations. The end, when any war starts, is not certain. (Yes, boys and girls the Union could have lost in 1860.) The least certain of any war is a
Civil War, and the end result of this may be the end of the Republic.

Alternatively the Right will succeed and take over all avenues of power and make this a one party fascist state. If this should be the result, before the borders are closed many will be able to fee, and for the first time a country of immigrants will have Political Refugees, who will have good reasons to be afraid, and ask for political asylum. After all the Right will not bat an eye if the Gulag network is built and people are sent to Work Camps.

Then there is the least fearful of these screaming. If democracy is to survive, compromise must be observed (Something that Groover Norquist does not believe in). These words are not mine, but those of one of founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin. This basic ingredient must return, but is it?

Lets see, we have the hysterical right screaming treason every time the lies are exposed, and I mean the lies from the Administration. We have a Justice Department now bugging the offices of a Mayor (sans warrant, was he a terrorist or just a Democrat?). We have no problem with outing National Security Assets, in the name of political expediency ... boys and girls the nations to do this were once our sworn enemies, in order: the USSR, Germany and Italy ... where murder, slime and exposure of political enemies were part of the toolkit of terror, that the state used to keep any criticism in check. Is the CIA outing an aberration of US Politics or is it accepted, since he is only a Democrat? No, I do not expect many to understand the seriousness of this.

So as we all look into the abyss the die of history has been cast.

What will it be?

Civil War

A long night (and the end of the Republic,) and that will also come to an end ... as it always does

Or will we emerge from this temporary insanity and realize that compromise is what makes democracies flourish. Only time will tell.

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What is going on today?

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