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Friday, October 03, 2003 :::
Friday, October 03, 2003

Buchanan and Press Exclusive:

Get your issue of News and World Report on Monday, in an exclusive they interviewed the author of Chenney's the Albatross on the WH... and strong hints were given that they are getting ready to dump Chenney from the 2004 ticket, I guess he will spend more time with
his family.

Now for those who remember history, especially in this case Watergate, I must ask, how far are we from the Saturday Night Massacre and the Night of the Long Knives?

There is blood in the water, there is chum in the water, hell there are bodies and the sharks are circling. Now Bush had a political window (which already closed) to fire the perp, turn the perp to the DoJ (Whoever leaked the info to Novak) and distance himself from the Perp. He
did not, Hubris will get you EVERY TIME.

Now what we are seeing is a WH entering more than panic mode ... and a white house in disarray.

Overall this is a good week for Democracy and freedom, and a bad week for them boys. This trifecta is almost of cosmic proportions... one rarely seen by Plubius or any other observer.

If this is what indeed is going on, the boys are having meetings in smoke filled rooms. The GOP has entered PANIC MODE (To their credit faster than Watergate)

Now they know that we the little people are paying attention.

So getting any of the radicals will not be workable for a care taker president, if they decide they have to let go of Bush.

What I clearly see is that things are right now WAY TOO FLUID but the parallels to Watergate are just eerie... so do not be too surprised to see a Saturday Night Massacre, SOON, or a Night of the Long Knifes, (I suspect that is going on right now, as the GOP is deciding who they need to cut down and let go, cut into small pieces and throw into the already bloody water.)

There are bodies already in the pool as Hadley, Tennet and Rice sort of kind off fell on their swords when ordered by Caesar to do such back in August over them sixteen words... and the sharks are circling now, and taking bytes. They are not about to let go, not until they feel they are well fed... and the feeding frenzy has just begun.

Now comparing it to other scandals, I don’t know about you, but not even Iran Contra had this level of outrage (yes the press can feel
the sea change), and the Monica Lewinski affair was an elite driven scandal that barely registered among the people... the closest
to this was Watergate, and it was not over the plumbers, but what came next... and in a strange parallel that is exactly what we are seeing.

Soon somebody is bound to ask them famous words: "What did the President know and when did he know it?"

We the people are about to be taught a lesson we refused to learn thirty years ago. Plubius is not pleased, since there is nothing to be pleased about a national tragedy. Alas all nations go through this, and the titans are always brought down due to Hubris. The Greeks knew it and we fail to learn this. Maybe this time we will.

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What is going on today?

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