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Saturday, May 10, 2003 :::

First Lesson of Vietnam, go in with a clear mission... there was no clear mission... as we can now clearly see... the mission shifts with the sands of Iraq. The only constant though is the oil and war profiteering.

Second lesson of Vietnam, have an exit strategy, there is no exit strategy and things are going badly in country, (just because the US Media does not cover it, does not mean it isn’t happening)

We were also told that the mission was to disarm Iraq; oops they were already disarmed before the troops went in, or so it seems... hence we were laid... does that mean that all the Bush men who testified to Congress and massaged intelligence to make it FIT, committed perjury? Willfully lying to Congress is perjury... and the American people deserve answers. I might add, is this impeachable? I'd say far more so than a BJ in the White House, (which most of America did not care for, but this... I hear the anger...)

Also the mission was to avoid the proliferation of those nasties. The plan, which was war lite, did not seem to take into account the needs to preserve the cultural heritage of the country, but it did not seem to care about guarding VERY WELL KNOWN Nuclear Facilities either, per Washington Post we got to those two facilities a month late... and they have been looted. Neer a peep of concern from the GOP, or Congress it seems. I have to wonder though, what is the black market price for Thorium X-ray machine cores in Central Asia, better known as the 'Stans? By the way, they can be used for X-Ray machines even if they are almost spent, hence why they were where they were.... but are perfect fodder for dirty bombs... neer a peep of concern. Need I mention that was part of the mission? To avoid that nightmare scenario from happening? Then if it did happen, and it did, are we safer? Not really... but neer a peep of concern. I might add Karl Rove and crew will use this to justify the next war; will it be Syria or Iran? I am a usually not a betting person, but I bet we will have the drum beats for war rolling again before November 2004. Now the question is will Congress give the President the authorization he needs? He does not have it right now.

I must also add, there were two master lists, one at the actual facility, the other at the AIEA, but seems we will not let the Regulatory Commission in, what are we hiding? Why are we not allowing those with the second master list to come in and tell us exactly how bad the looting was? For the sake of the American people primarily, but the West in general, we should know what exactly is missing... and how large the threat is. The Administration is making a mistake by not allowing them in. I know it is politics and we hate the world government... or so it seems, and we can do whatever we want; since we are number one... well Asymmetrical warfare tends to be fought by different rules and... Methods. Oh and I will speak heresy, but doing this... will lead to the decline of our influence in the world... and in fact our influence in the word is no longer equivalent between our military power and our diplomatic influence. The dissonance between them is such that now nations are doing what they can to contain us, where they can... see all those nations switching their economies from the USD to the Euro (Again, the fact that the US Press does not cover it, does not mean it is not happening. This has been the story in Australia, for instance)

Hence I must say, we are not safer.

And yes there are days I am sorry to say this, but we did not learn from the Vietnam experience, or so it seems...

So the last question must be asked... how many body bags before we find ourselves at Paris negotiating a pull out? This is just like we did oh in 1973? I am afraid we will have to do that, and the forces that have been woken up in Iraq will most likely lead to a Shia revolution when all is said and done. Yes some of us did oppose this war not on the human rights record of Sadamn Hussein... but on the medium to long term consequences and what we are seeing on the ground well it is what we feared. These consequences will not come to be, most likely, in the short term. But we will see blowback and we will see increased terror against the US and her allies because we are creating the conditions that terror thrives under... and I do pray indeed that the conditions on the ground start to change, but as the days go by, I see the parallels to the early British Mandate and just fear the uprising that will come... just doing my duty, and informing you of some of the consequences of the Iraq action. By the way, somebody must start asking the question, where are those WMDs? And somebody must NOT let his disappear, as the administration wants it to disappear... it will not, from the minds of those of us who understand the consequences of those weapons not being found... after all it makes the whole exercise illegal... and the world will NOT give us a pass.

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What is going on today?

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